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1 x Touvit Forte - Classic Clean 100ml

1 x Touvit Forte - Classic Clean 100ml

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Touvit Stainremover - The stain remover for every kind of stain Universal Stain Removal Concentrate

Touvit Forte for carpets, upholstery, car seats, head liners, all types of over garments, leather, vinyl, aluminum rims, jewelry, and lots more

Stain removal - blood and rust, wine, beer, fruit, fat, oil, cocoa, chocolate, resin, grass, ink (no document ink) and many other stains are easily removed. Just put some Touvit Forte onto a white dampened cloth and work it into the stain.

Note: While this solvent, removes some stains in seconds, for other stains it is necessary to let the solution penetrate a few minutes or to repeat the treatment.
If a stain becomes brighter, it generally can be removed completely. After the stain is removed, rinse the material out thoroughly. Sensitive fabrics, such as velvet, silk, leather etc., and textiles, which cannot be rinsed out (jackets, suites, etc.), should be treated with distilled water only, since otherwise the lime in the water can cause stains.

Color test

Touvit Forte is not only a stain remover, but also a bleaching solvent and removes dye stains.
That is why solid colored textiles like over garments, carpets, upholstery, curtains, etc., must be tested for colorfastness on a hidden area (ham, inner seam, patches, and so on). Be sure that the test area is chosen, so that the outer part of the fabric does not become wet.
Apply Touvit Forte onto a cloth dampened with hot water, carefully pat onto test area. Let it stand for five minutes, rinse with water, and then blot dry. If there is no color change it is safe to continue with the stain removal. Linings should be removed before the treatment, since these are rarely colorfast.

Already washed stains

Stains that have already been washed can only be removed at the same temperature they were already treated.
When washed at 90o, ironed, or after chemical treatment at the cleaners, stains can be removed in the following way:
Moisten stain, apply Touvit Forte, and gently rub into the stain. Instead of water, use steam (either from your steam iron or water kettle), steam the stained area until the stain is resolved.
Since some textiles are not colorfast when steam is applied, test fabric for color fastness before treatmentment.
Note: Old stains are harder to remove than new stains. The treatment can be repeated several times without harming the fabric.

Carpets and Upholstery

Clean large areas such as carpets, upholstery, car seats, headliners, etc., with a solution of (10 cm Touvit Forte 0.5 l hot water) and a brush (scrubber) or sponge. Then dry with an old terry cloth, so that the loose dirt will be removed.
For intense stained or soiled rugs, apply some Touvit Forte directly onto a moist sponge and gently rub onto the soiled areas.
For stains caused by solid substances, like tar, feces, resin, etc., scrap the lose dirt from the area (a spoon, for example), after the wet cleaning procedure.

Blood should only be cleaned with cold water.

Rust is best removed, if you use lemon juice instead of water for moistening the stain. After the cleaning procedure with Touvit Forte, rinse the fabric thoroughly.

Rust stains on ceramic tiles or on smooth surfaces are best removed, by saturating a cotton ball with a combination of lemon juice and Touvit Forte, then put it onto the stained area and let set, so that the solvent can penetrate the stain.

Hand Cleaner

Touvit Forte quickly cleans also stubborn dirt from skin, whether plant vegetable or fruit discoloration, oils, and grease for car mechanics. Just wet your hands, rub Touvit Forte into skin, and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Whitener, Dye Stain Removal:

Touvit Forte cleans all of your laundry, curtains, etc. made of natural and synthetic fibers spotless white. 100 grams It Works dissolved in 20 liters of hot water, is sufficient for 5 kilos laundry. Add 20 cm from the tube as in addition to your soap detergent. Note: do not put the paste into the detergent compartment. Either apply Touvit Forte directly or dissolved in water, pour directly onto laundry.

Jewelry and Precious Metals:

Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, etc. will look new again. Dissolve 5 to 10 cm Touvit Forte in 1 liter of hot water. Place jewelry or metal parts into the solution, and let stand for about 5 minutes. Then dry with a soft cloth.
Small pieces can be cleaned by applying Touvit Forte directly.

Cleaning Vinyl and Small Surfaces

For all smooth surfaces, such as vinyl window frames, parquet floors, laminate, aluminum rims, car lacquer, etc., apply Touvit Forte directly, without water, and pat or rub with a sponge or cloth. Then continue treatment with water, and plot the area dry with a cloth. This way you can remove also stubborn dirt and stains such as tar, pollen, fly specks, moss stains, and other difficult to clean stains.

Cleaning Leather:

A colorfast test is necessary for all leathers. For cleaning or removing stains, dissolve Touvit Forte in warm distilled water. Tap water contains lime, and destroys the leather fibers.
Touvit Forte does not dry out; it can be stored for years, if the tube will be completely closed after using. It Works is a chemical agent and must be stored safely non-accessible for children.

Caution: The paste should not be accessible for children.

The paste should not be exposed to eyes (when contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with cold water and consult a physician). When using the paste, be sure to use it only in well circulation areas.
Do not mix with other acids, since this could cause poisoned gases.

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